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  1. Unit 1: The World in Crisis

    1. Impact of World War I in Europe
    14 Topics
  2. 2. Stalin's Soviet Union
    12 Topics
  3. 3. Hitler's Germany
    27 Topics
  4. 4. Outbreak WWII in Europe
    13 Topics
  5. 5. Germany's Defeat in World War II
    21 Topics
  6. 6. Outbreak War in Asia Pacific
    6 Topics
  7. 7. Japan's Defeat
    10 Topics
  8. Unit 2: Bi-Polarity and the Cold War
    8. Reasons for the Cold War in Europe
    21 Topics
  9. 9. The Korean War
    19 Topics
  10. 10. Cuban Missile Crisis
    25 Topics
  11. 11. The End of Cold War
    19 Topics
Chapter 1, Topic 11
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Was the League of Nations successful in handling territorial disputes in the 1920s?

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▪ Was the League of Nations successful in handling territorial disputes in the 1920s?

The League attempted to peacefully resolve many incidents & disputes in the 1920s. However, it was not always successful in achieving its aims of peace & assuring territorial independence & security of all nations.

Successful*Partially SuccessfulNot Successful*
The Aaland Islands (1921)
• The League settled a dispute between Sweden and Finland over these islands
• Both countries accepted the decision of the League to give the islands to Finland
Memel (1923)
• When Lithuania invaded Memel, the League could not make Lithuania withdraw, but it gave Memel some independence
Vilna (1923)
• Both Poland & Lithuania wanted Vilna after WW1
• Vilna was given to Lithuania but Poland took over instead
• The League could not make Poland withdraw
Albania (1920)
• The League made Yugoslavia withdraw from Albania when it tried to take over Albania
Upper Silesia (1921)
• When both Germany and Poland wanted Upper Silesia, the League allowed the people of Upper Silesia vote
• Although a huge majority wanted to join Germany, the League split the territory into two instead
The Ruhr (1923)
• Germany declared it could not make its reparations payment
• France retaliated by invading the industrial area of Ruhr
• The League could not make France withdraw
The Greek Bulgarian
Border (1925)

• Greece invaded Bulgaria in 1925 over a border dispute
• League made Greece withdraw by threatening an economic sanction
Corfu (1923)
• Boundary dispute arose between Italy and Greece
• Italy took over the Greek island of Corfu
• The League could not make Italy withdraw until Greece gave in on the boundary dispute
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