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  1. Unit 1: The World in Crisis

    1. Impact of World War I in Europe
    14 Topics
  2. 2. Stalin's Soviet Union
    12 Topics
  3. 3. Hitler's Germany
    27 Topics
  4. 4. Outbreak WWII in Europe
    13 Topics
  5. 5. Germany's Defeat in World War II
    21 Topics
  6. 6. Outbreak War in Asia Pacific
    6 Topics
  7. 7. Japan's Defeat
    10 Topics
  8. Unit 2: Bi-Polarity and the Cold War
    8. Reasons for the Cold War in Europe
    21 Topics
  9. 9. The Korean War
    19 Topics
  10. 10. Cuban Missile Crisis
    25 Topics
  11. 11. The End of Cold War
    19 Topics
Chapter 1, Topic 10
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Peacekeeping Measures of the League of Nations

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▪ Peacekeeping Measures of the League of Nations

MeasuresFunctionsHow this would maintain world peace
• Impose arms embargo to cut off arms supplies to the offending state
• Carry out military intervention
• In theory, the League could use military force to stop offending nation
• However, it had no army of its own and would depend on the volunteer forces from member countries
Arbitration• Act as ‘referee’ by calling nations involved in a dispute to discuss the problem in the Assembly• League could also issue warnings if the offending nation did not comply with the Assembly’s decision
• League’s members could come together to publicly condemn the wrong doings of an offending state• It was hoped that this would persuade or pressure the offending nation to stop its aggressive actions
Economic or
Trade Sanctions
• These sanctions prevented the exchange of food, goods or supplies between members of League & the offending nation• This way, members of the League would then pressure the offending nation to obey the League’s decisions before trade relations could resume
Disarmament• The League was assigned to organise disarmament plans for members of the League• A special Disarmament Commission would organise disarmament conferences to push for disarmament in each nation