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🙅 Traditional Private Tuition

Truth be told, most kids do not enjoy having Secondary School tuitions as Secondary School tuition sessions usually dry and content focused. Most of the time students are going to tuitions are doing so out of the parental pressure or having the “everyone else is having tuition and I need one too” mentality.

✅ FortisLearn System

What if, there is a way that tuition can be delivered to your child just like mini games they would like to check constantly. By removing the barrier of need to learn to wanting to learn, students will actually start to enjoy learning.

The Exclusive Learning

🙅 Traditional Private Classes

Peer pressure in class, embarrassment of asking “stupid questions”, getting neglected and not able to catch up with the rest. These are just some of the common issues faced by students in traditional tuition classes.

✅ FortisLearn Platform

Student are able to raise their hands in a pressure free and discrimination-free environment. Furthermore, each session with Super Tutors is individually designed to address the specific questions or concepts for the student who has the difficulties understanding them, the student will get 100% dedicated attention.

Fortislearn offers an unique and innovative approach to education that is personalized and tailored to each student’s individual needs and learning style. With Fortislearn, students are able to learn at their own pace and master difficult concepts with ease with 24/7 study assistance by your side.

With FortisLearn, you have access to 24/7 instant on-the-spot guidance from FortisLearn Junior and Senior Tutors. With Junior Tutor, you can ask up to 120 questions per day! And Senior Tutor will help you out with homework, explain exam questions, make study plans and more! This gives you the support you need to succeed in your studies instantly. Additionally, the flexibility of the platform means that you can get the support you need at anytime and anywhere, and fit your learning into your busy schedules without sacrificing your free time! Overall, Fortislearn offers a convenient, engaging, and personalized learning experience that is unlike any other.
FortisLearn is the only genuine AI-driven Science learning platform designed exclusively for secondary school students. What it means is that, FortisLearn’s highly advanced AI is able to analyse your answers, highlighting which part of your answer is correct and pinpointing which part needs improvement, instantly! This effectively replace 80% of a human tutor’s tasks and with more efficiency. Say goodbye to the painstaking hours of self-checking and embrace a smarter, faster way of learning.
FortisLearn solves the everyday study problems for students. Can’t find time to study, lack of motivations to study, need more clarifications on the lessons in school, not confident about upcoming exams, etc. FortisLearn has got a solution for each problem you are facing. You can learn more on how exactly we are so effective on helping with your studies by click on Learn More

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