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  1. Unit 1: The World in Crisis

    1. Impact of World War I in Europe
    14 Topics
  2. 2. Stalin's Soviet Union
    12 Topics
  3. 3. Hitler's Germany
    27 Topics
  4. 4. Outbreak WWII in Europe
    13 Topics
  5. 5. Germany's Defeat in World War II
    21 Topics
  6. 6. Outbreak War in Asia Pacific
    6 Topics
  7. 7. Japan's Defeat
    10 Topics
  8. Unit 2: Bi-Polarity and the Cold War
    8. Reasons for the Cold War in Europe
    21 Topics
  9. 9. The Korean War
    19 Topics
  10. 10. Cuban Missile Crisis
    25 Topics
  11. 11. The End of Cold War
    19 Topics
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▪ Structure of the League of Nations

The General Assembly• A parliament of all the League members
• Met once a year
• Decided on the Leagues policies and budget
The Council• Dealt with matters affecting world peace
• Consisted of 4 permanent members – Britain, France, Italy & Japan, & 4 non-permanent members elected for 3-year term
Agencies and Commissions• Served as structures in preventing war and improving
peoples’ lives
The Secretariat• Responsible for the organisational work of the League
• Prepared agendas and published records of meetings
The Conference of Ambassadors• Informal meeting of permanent members of League
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