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  1. Unit 1: The World in Crisis

    1. Impact of World War I in Europe
    14 Topics
  2. 2. Stalin's Soviet Union
    12 Topics
  3. 3. Hitler's Germany
    27 Topics
  4. 4. Outbreak WWII in Europe
    13 Topics
  5. 5. Germany's Defeat in World War II
    21 Topics
  6. 6. Outbreak War in Asia Pacific
    6 Topics
  7. 7. Japan's Defeat
    10 Topics
  8. Unit 2: Bi-Polarity and the Cold War
    8. Reasons for the Cold War in Europe
    21 Topics
  9. 9. The Korean War
    19 Topics
  10. 10. Cuban Missile Crisis
    25 Topics
  11. 11. The End of Cold War
    19 Topics
Chapter 2, Topic 3
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Rise of Stalin (Non-Disclosure of Lenin’s Testament)

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Key Reasons for the Rise of Stalin

Non-disclosure of Lenin’s Testament

  • Lenin went into semi-retirement in 1922 after his first stroke in 1921; Stalin visited him often and acted as his connection to the rest of the world.
  • Lenin did not support Stalin, whom he thought was too keen for personal power.
  • In his `Political Testament’ written shortly before his death, Lenin advised that Stalin be removed from his position as Secretary-General of the Communist Party.
  • He also warned that Stalin should not be trusted to use his power wisely.
  • However, some Party members felt that Trotsky, and not Stalin, was a greater threat due to his powerful personality and a close connection to the army. They, therefore, decided to ignore Lenin’s warning.
  • When Lenin died in 1924, the Party agreed that the Testament was not to be made public.
  • As a result, the Testament did not achieve the effect that Lenin hoped for. Stalin retained his position as Secretary-General, which he later used to great effect during his rise to power.