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FortisLearn Unveils AI-Powered Science Learning Platform for Secondary School Students

Singapore — August 18, 2023 — In a revolutionary step toward modernizing education, FortisLearn is thrilled to announce the launch of a cutting-edge, AI-driven online science learning platform, designed exclusively for secondary school students aged 12-16, covering lower secondary level, O-Level, N-Level, IP, GCSE and iGCSE curriculums.

More Than Tutoring: A Complete Learning Ecosystem

FortisLearn is not a mere tutoring service, it is a comprehensive science learning ecosystem that intelligently adapts to each student’s unique needs and learning style. Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence technology, the platform can instantly analyze students’ responses, highlighting correct answers and pinpointing areas for improvement. This robust system is complemented by 24/7 on-demand guidance from FortisLearn junior and senior tutors, effectively replacing 90% of a human tutor’s tasks with enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and affordability.

A New Era of Learning

FortisLearn’s unique 3-Step-Ace Study Method is constructed around the abundant resources and support that FortisLearn provides. Students can complete a comprehensive learning cycle in just 25 minutes—a process traditionally requiring up to two hours with a human tutor and costing S$80-S$160 per session. With FortisLearn, students can achieve equivalent results in a fraction of the time, with an all-inclusive, fixed monthly rate that allows unlimited study sessions across multiple subjects, thereby saving both time and significant tutoring costs.

Flexible, Affordable, and Effective

To accommodate the diverse needs of students, FortisLearn offers multiple subscription options. Packages range from as low as $18 to a top-tier, all-inclusive triple science plan for a mere $49 per month—offering a more affordable alternative to traditional tutoring services at the secondary school level.

Cashback: Study for Free and Earn Extra

What sets FortisLearn apart is its groundbreaking integration of a cash reward system. This innovative system rewards students’ diligence and achievements with tangible financial incentives. Essentially, a student’s commitment to understanding the universe can literally pay off. If students opt for a cashback plan, they can technically study for free. They are also empowered to decide how to utilize the money they have earned through their hard work—options include withdrawing it, investing, or donating to a charitable cause. The cashback plan starts at $199 for one subject and extends up to $399 for three subjects.

Bringing Real Impact to Students' Lives

“FortisLearn is not just about acing exams, it’s about nurturing a profound understanding and love for science. We aim to empower students to become the next generation of thinkers, innovators, and leaders,” said Daniel Young, the founder of FortisLearn.


FortisLearn is now accessible to students globally, empowering them to learn and grow at their own pace, anytime and anywhere. For further information about FortisLearn, visit

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