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We get it, as parents, whether our children’s academic performance is going downhill or not, it seems like a safe bet to enroll your child in extra classes, get private tutors, thinking it might give them that extra edge. Does it really? Here are 3 questions parents need to ask ourselves.

Question No.1:
Does Secondary School Tuition Really Help?

Research study from teachers at the top tutoring centers in Singapore collectively admitting that secondary school level tutoring has little to no effect to students. Secondary school is all about the ability to self-study. Without the ability to study independently, no one can help you. This is something many of us parents already knew, but still choose to continue paying money religiously for our kids to attend tuitions.

Question No.2:
Why are we willing to pay big money for tuition?

Many of us parents eager to enroll our kids into tuition centers, even “fighting” to get into the ones with higher tuition fees. But why? It comes down to two psychological factors. First, our false perception of buying into the notion that expensive means better. And second, it offers a psychological comfort to us parents by thinking that tuition is a safety net for our kids, faithfully believing it will somehow help our kids. But look closely, most good students do not attend tuition.

Question No.3:
Why the best students don't need tuition?

In all secondary schools, the truly outstanding students do not normally have tuition classes. Only the not-so-good students do. It might sound perfectly logical, but it is exactly this mindset from us parents that creates this permanent distinction in our kids. Parents need to realize the hard truth that to excel in secondary school and beyond, it all comes down to the students themselves. There is just no easy way around it. Students need to develop the ability of independence to excel in life. By giving them tuition, we are just prolonging the start of this crucial process. As parents, we need to look at the bigger picture.

To Study Better, Painlessly.

What is FortisLearn 25 minutes
Accelerated Learning Method?

The 3-Step-Ace method can be done without FortisLearn, however, to complete one round, you will need around 2 hours with the help of a tuition teacher, which can set you back S$80-S$160 per session, and not forgetting the extra time and effort to arrange for such a session.   With FortisLearn, you can complete one round in just 25 minutes at anytime anywhere to achieve the same result. • This is made possible due to FortisLearn’s uniquely designed and tightly-integrated learning ecosystem that provides unparalleled support that students simply won’t find anywhere else. Plus, students get to go unlimited round with multiple subjects with the all inclusive Elite Pass(Lower Secondary) or Max Pass(Upper Secondary).

The 3 Step ACE Method

Assess → Consult → Exercise

Step 1: Self Assess

Choose a chapter from a topic of a Science subject you’d like to study.

Begin with a swift review of the chapter that has been taught in school. Use FortisLearn Science Smart Guides to aid in this process. Take notes of key concepts, terminologies, and formulas. Identify the areas you have doubts with that need further clarifications.

Based on your self-assessment, draft a list of specific doubts that you are unclear about with FortisLearn Smart Notepad. Be as detailed as possible.

Allocate 5 minutes to complete this quick assessment.

Step 2: Consult Tutors

Head to FortisLearn 24/7 Senior Tutor dashboard and initiate an instant session to ask your questions, request clarifications based on the list of doubts you have created, and ask for sample questions if necessary. While consulting with the Senior Tutor, jot down notes, especially the explanations for concepts that were challenging for you.

Spend 10 minutes to complete one session with Senior Tutor. If one session is not enough, initiate as many as you need as you have unlimited learning sessions(Max or Elite plans required).

Step 3: Do Exercise

Now with a clearer understanding of the knowledge that has been taught, time for exercise.

Start with exercises that have been designed by FortisLearn. These questions are crafted to gradually increase in difficulty, allowing you to build confidence. Work through different types, from MCQs to short structured.

With the help of FortisLearn AI mentor instant answer analysis capability, your goal is to achieve full marks on each question for each exercise. You have unlimited attempts to make this happen.

Spend 10 minutes to complete at least 2 sets of exercise.

And ACE!

With total 25 minutes spent, you have completed one round of 3-Step-Ace. And what is even more amazing is that with the help of FortisLearn, you have strategically fit a whole learning cycle into one of the most effective study acceleration method called the Pomodoro Technique.

Make sure to take a 5 minutes break after one cycle of 3-Step-Ace. Loop back to Step 1 and repeat the process for another chapter.

The 3-Step-Ace Study Method, is tailored around the resources and support that FortisLearn provides for our students, creates a structured and cyclical process of learning, leveraging on the most effective and result proven study method—a strategy designed to optimize science learning performance.

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