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Your Next-Generation
Game-Based Tuition
Powered by AI, designed by human.

Your Next-Generation
Game-Based Tuition
Powered by AI, designed by human.

The Future is Here!

Sec school fams, say “good game!” to your traditional tuition, and start to play your tuition just like gaming to earn real money and achieve real results!

*Not suitable for all students

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AI-Driven Learning

Aligned With Latest Singapore MOE
& Cambridge Syllabus

Real Life

If study feels like chore, why not get paid doing it? Every game level cleared, achievement unlocked gets you real monetary rewards. (Parents participation required.)

Super Tutor

Teaches like human, but cool and way smarter. Instant 1-on-1 coaching with the way you prefer. No more waiting on tutor’s availability. Get personalised help even at 3am in the morning.

AI Worksheets

Guide you like human, but with unlimited patience. Feels like gaming, but you are actually studying. (Your Gen-X parents might make noise, but your result will shut them up.)

Question Vault

Exam focused questions gamified, even Ten Years Series. Preparing for your test is as easy as play a few rounds of games.
Tailored for
All Secondary School Levels & Streams

You Save
Your Time

Spend 25 minutes a day on FortisLearn per subject, and see improvements in less than 14 days!

You Save
Your Effort

FortisLearn is like your personal Pokemon that helps you to battle your random study problems. When a wild problem appears, you have your pokemon in your pocket ready to battle it immediately!

You Save
Our Planet

Every time you study on FortisLearn, you save forests, reduce carbon emissions, limit pollution, plus produce zero waste.

You Save
Your Money

Spend less on tuition, and save your money for something else. (Kick start your business ideas doesn’t sound bad.)

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*Not suitable for all students

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Currently, we specialize in science subjects across all secondary school level, specifically focusing on chemistry, physics and biology. However, we have plans to expand our curriculum in the near future.

Our platform is equipped with a dedicated junior and senior tutor service available round the clock. Whenever you face a challenge or have a doubt, our tutor services are just a click away.

No. Our subscription plans are flexible. You can choose monthly packages and can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.

Safety is our top priority. All interactions on the platform are monitored. Personal information is encrypted, and we adhere to strict data protection guidelines. Furthermore, all our tutors undergo rigorous background checks.

Our team continuously updates the platform with the latest MOE syllabus, ensuring students always have access to the most current and relevant study materials.

Absolutely! FortisLearn is designed to be responsive and can be accessed on PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Your progress syncs across all devices.


We offer a 7-day free trial, you can try all the features within the 7 days, and if you are not satisfied you can cancel with no charge! Furthermore, the earning you have made in the 7 day trial is also counted to your total cashback!

Yes we do!

We provide 100% money back result guarantee for all students! If the student has not improved in their academics despite the efforts put in and with the terms and conditions met, we will refund the full amount paid by the student for the duration of the course.

Absolutely! FortisLearn platform is very different from your current offline/online physical tuition. You can treat FortisLearn as a mini tutor in your pocket whom you can summon at anytime, anywhere when you wish to start learning and get paid for it:)

All you need is a device such as a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone, plus an internet connection to start enjoying the future of secondary school learning.

Simple click on Ask Clara and ask your questions or click on WhatsApp icon to send us a message to our learning experts!

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