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Get Paid To Study

Enjoy 120% Cashback

with 24/7 Personal Super Tutor

Get Paid To Study

Get Paid
To Study

Enjoy 120% Cashback

with 24/7
Personal Super Tutor

How to earn: Practise. Test. Improve. Repeat. .


Super duper heart crossed Yes! FortisLearn is probably the first self-paced online learning platform that offers up to 120% cashback rewards.

This is not a joke. Students, who study diligently with FortisLearn are effectively paying nothing for using the platform’s features and resources if they learn and do well in both online tests and school exams. Not only that, the students can also earn up to 20% extra cash bonus of what they paid for.

How to Earn?

Basic Earn

Practice, practice and practice.

The more students practise, the more students earn! Students get to practice a variety of highly advanced self-marking questions, such as short structured questions, MCQ, calculation questions and more! And every time students practise, they get paid, it is that simple!

Extra Earn

Test yourself.

After students have practiced enough questions and feeling confident to challenge themselves, they can enter the virtual exam hall to take exams, and get cashback reward based on their performance.

School Earn

School matters.

Students can submit their school test or exam results to earn cashback for good performance. If their results aren't as good this time, they can still submit them and work towards earning an improvement bonus the next time they achieve better grades.

Why Students Need FortisLearn?

Intelligent Learning

FortisLearn offers an extensive library of self-marking worksheets, with more added daily. These highly advanced worksheets are AI integrated, that is able to analyse student's answers and provide instant feedbacks on which part of student's answer is correct and which part needs improving, systematically guiding students to achieve the full score! But not forgetting that, students are getting paid to practise these worksheets, every, single, time!

24/7 Personal Tutor

Students can also enjoy the exclusive advanced feature on our platform, the Super Tutor, which is 24/7 tuition service that provides instant study assistance, or can even ask Super Tutor for a 14-day study plan on every subject or topic, all at an unbeatable low cost of $0.8 per session! And student can even use the cashback they have earned to offset the cost! Say ‘goodbye’ to the stress of paying expensive tuitions and needing to wait for office hours or scheduling appointments with tutors to resolve your study doubts!

It's a Win-Win for students and for parents.

Learn & Earn Activities

Leap forward with the most futuristic learning platform supported by the most unique learning methodologies.

AI Worksheets

Get paid to practice short structured questions. FortisLearn Al worksheets analyze student's answers on the spot and give guidance on strengths and weaknesses instantly.

Learn and Earn

At FortisLearn, our mission is to revolutionize the way students approach learning by recognizing and rewarding their hard work and dedication. We believe that just like adults are paid for their work, students should also be compensated for their efforts in studying and completing practice questions.

Brilliant MCQ

Systematic approach to prepare for MCQ exams and to achieve the full 40/40 marks on Paper 1. Of course, students are getting paid with cashback along the way.

Power of Extra Time

Can't find extra time to study? FortisLearn gives students the power of extra study time, you can master any exam questions during your commute, recess, or even while you're on the toilet. We won't judge.

Critical Knowledge

Earn cashback from mastering the fundamentals, the backbone of answering tough questions.

Be The Top 5%

Are you still just memorising facts like 95% of the students? Be a FortisLearn student who understands concepts and thinks critically.

Calculation Questions

From formula to apply values, step by step you will excel in all calculation questions, and get paid doing it.

Unique Model

By offering cashback as incentives for completing practice questions and achieving good grades, this not only motivates students to excel in their studies but also teaches them the value of hard work and the importance of setting goals.

Test Yourself

Essay questions, MCQs, calculations, you will be tested through them all! And earn cashbacks based on test results.

Study Game Level Up

Don't just pass your exams, ace them. You'll be a pro at answering tricky exam questions and navigating complex topics.

School Achievements

Earn cashback on good school performance, get results improvement bonus!

Study as a Career

By treating studying as a job, FortisLearn aims to foster a sense of responsibility, discipline, and commitment in students, which can translate into better academic performance and ultimately, success in their future careers.

Super Tutor

Whether it's Physics or Geography, English or Chinese, FortisLearn has got your back! Ask any academic questions 24/7!

Only $0.8 Per Session!

Spend your earnings at just $0.8 per 10 minutes session with Super Tutor! It is available 24/7. Ask questions, get help with your homework, explain concepts, and get extra practice questions when requested. It's your personal Super Tutor for any subject, topic or chapter you can think of!

Smart Guides

The only set of study guides students need. Integrated with auto learn, smart notepad and more, use these ultimate guides to ace all subjects. And it's Complimentary!

Game Changer

FortisLearn is a game-changer in the education technology and re-define how effective learning should take place. Join us!

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- FAQ -

FortisLearn is designed to provide an affordable and effective alternative to traditional tuition services. With a monthly fee of $399 for three science subjects(Chemistry, Physics & Biology), $299 for any two science subjects, our platform is competitively priced compared to other options. What sets FortisLearn apart, however, is the 120% cashback incentive for students. This means that, as long as students engages with the platform and achieves good results, they will not only be studying for free but also earning a bonus.

Definitely! We offer a 7-day free trial, you can try all the features within the 7 days with no charge! Plus the earning you have made in the 7 days is also counted to your total cashback!

Absolutely! FortisLearn platform is very different from your current offline/online physical tuition. You can treat FortisLearn as a mini tutor in your pocket whom you can summon at anytime, anywhere when you wish to start learning and get paid for it:)

All you need is a device such as a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone, plus an internet connection to start enjoying the future of secondary school learning.

Cashback will be paid out on the last day of each month upon request. For Singapore students, cashback will be paid out to your PayNow account. For students outside of Singapore, cashback will be paid out via Paypal(standard Paypal charges apply).