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7.4 Promote on Instagram

FortisLearn February 27, 2023
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nk (in your bio), Instagram is best used to reach a targeted audience, driving that traffic to your site. Place your Shopify blog post as your bio link and follow the six tips below.

  1. Custom photos perform best because they are authentic and relatable. The ideal picture size is 1080 x 1080 pixels. If you feel you must use stock photos, it’s best to customize them.
  2. Use the same relevant hashtags as your target audience uses, such as #elearning, #education, #creativestudent, or #smartlearning. And of course, always use the #fortislearn hashtag.
  3. Keep in mind that the goal is to drive traffic to your site. Don’t try to close the sale on Instagram. Feel free to use motivational quotes, how-to tips, or other lead generating posts.
  4. Remember the video you did for YouTube? Edit or create a trailer that is one minute or less. Instagram allows videos from three seconds to a full minute — and that’s a lot of airtime!
  5. Be active and engaging with your target audience on their profile, as well as profiles relevant to your niche.

It’s so important that we’ll say it twice: DO NOT buy followers or likes. Similar to the other social media channels, fake followers can hurt you and do not drive legitimate engagement or sales.