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FortisLearn is a comprehensive platform that provides on-the-spot study assistance to upper secondary school students. It’s available 24/7 and focuses on science subjects, including chemistry, physics, and biology, also including subjects like social studies, history and geography. With a variety of tools and resources at student’s fingertips, FortisLearn is designed to help secondary school students learn and succeed.

A.I. Powered Exam Prep

FortisLearn also offers a range of other resources and tools to help students learn and prepare for exams. These include Pocket Tutor, an AI-powered tool that analyzes students’ answers and provides instant feedback; Brilliant MCQ, a function that helps students achieve full marks in their Paper 1 step by step; and Pro Ten Years Series, a function that brings frequently practiced exam preparation books to life.

But FortisLearn isn’t just about helping students learn – it’s also about making the learning process more convenient and enjoyable. The platform offers a range of learning support functions, including an AI audio reader that reads long texts out loud, an instant notepad for taking study notes, and a dark mode to protect student’s eyes while studying at night.

In short, FortisLearn is the comprehensive education technology platform that every secondary school student needs. Whether they struggling to keep up with their studies or simply want to boost thier knowledge and prepare for exams, FortisLearn has the tools and resources to help students succeed.