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One of the most effective and user-friendly methods of affiliate marketing is the use of hyperlinks. By embedding a hyperlink into your blog post or image, you can direct your audience to FortisLearn’s site and monetize your content when they become a subscriber through your referral link. This not only provides your audience the opportunity to explore FortisLearn for themselves, but it also allows you to earn a commission for each subscription made through your link.

How to embed a hyperlink:

  1. Highlight the desired word/phrase/image and click the Hyperlink icon ? 
  2. Copy and paste your referral link into the Desired destination URL field
  3. Check the box Open link in new tab (optional)
  4. Click Add link
  5. Test the link to be sure it directs to your affiliate landing page

In addition to using hyperlinks, check out Chapter 6 for specific social media strategies to maximize your affiliate marketing efforts and boost your earnings. With FortisLearn’s low-cost personalized education options and mini tuition sessions, you’ll be promoting a valuable resource that can help your audience achieve their academic goals.