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  1. Issue 1: Exploring Citizenship and Governance

    1. What does it mean for me to be a citizen of my country?
    3 Topics
  2. 2. How do we decide on what is good for society?
    6 Topics
  3. 3. How can we work for the good of society?
    10 Topics
  4. Issue 2: Living in a Diverse Society
    4. What is diversity?
    4 Topics
  5. 5. Why is there greater diversity in Singapore now?
    3 Topics
  6. 6. What are the experiences and effects of living in a diverse society?
    3 Topics
  7. 7. How can we respond in a diverse society?
    5 Topics
  8. Issue 3: Being Part of a Globalised World
    8. What does it mean to live in a globalised world?
    4 Topics
  9. 9. How do we respond to tensions arising from some economic impacts of globalisation?
    3 Topics
  10. 10. How do we respond to tensions arising from some cultural impacts of globalisation?
    3 Topics
  11. 11. How do we respond to tensions arising from some security impacts of globalisation?
    4 Topics
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  1. The term “citizen” is complex and some people regard citizenship as having a series of rights that allow individuals the freedom to do as they choose within the law.
  2. There are those who view citizenship as more than just a duty to follow the laws of the country.
  3. They see citizenship as also requiring participation in making a contribution to society.
  4. There are also those who believe that citizenship would require sharing a common purpose and bond with fellow citizens.
  5. How an individual understands what being a citizen means will affect how much this individual participates in improving society.
  6. The 3 attributes are, however, closely related to one another.
  7. For example, those without the legal status of citizenship, like refugees, would find it difficult to integrate and develop a bond with other citizens.
  8. Without legal status, refugees will not be able to go through formal schooling, gain employment, and establish themselves in the community.
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