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2.2 Business Commission

FortisLearn February 27, 2023
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Layer 1

Current Business Associates also have the opportunity to refer new StudentPreneurs using their unique referral link. Once a new StudentPreneur signs up through the link, any sales made through that StudentPreneur’s referral link will earn the referring Business Associate a 10% recurring commission on each sale. This means that by referring new StudentPreneurs, current Business Associates have the potential to earn additional passive income on top of their own personal sales commissions.

Layer 2-5

If you possess strong leadership skills and aspire to expand your business, FortisLearn provides advanced tools to support your goals. You can train a team of StudentPreneurs to sign up under your referral link and recruit more StudentPreneurs. The system recognizes them as your downline, and you will earn 8% recurring commission from their sales.

But it doesn’t end there. If your downline StudentPreneurs also recruit new members, you will receive a percentage of their sales up to five layers down. This multi-tier commission structure enables you to earn even more passive income, creating a sustainable and scalable business model.