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Dear Students:

Have you ever experienced any of the following?

Slide I feel bad for not remembering things I've learnt. I was preparing for my midterms and I realised that I couldn't answer a question that belonged to the Secondary 1 syllabus. I didn't dare to ask my teachers or friends for fear that I might be judged because I couldn't get something so simple. Slide Tuition classes are too expensive for my family. I'm struggling in the subjects which I don't get tuition help for, because my parents cannot afford it, but I wish I could get help for subjects I'm not attending tuition for. Slide I fall asleep during online tuition as the lessons are dry and not interesting My tuition lessons are always dry and the tutor just talks away, I feel bad for falling asleep but I can't help myself. I wish tuition can be more interesting to attend. Slide My friends tend to laugh at me when I ask them questions. I didn't want to ask my classmates about a topic our teacher covered in the past. It is quite awkward for me as my classmates are all smarter than I am and I was afraid they might laugh at me. Slide I do not wish to be judged by my tutor. I once asked my Biology tutor to replenish my knowledge on the topic reproductive health, but she gave me a weird look and told me to read it up by myself. I felt that my teacher was judging me and I ended up having very little understanding about the topic. Slide My curiosity is controlled in tuition classes. I am generally a curious person, but whenever I ask my teachers something outside of books, they will tell me that I only need to know whatever that is in the textbooks and that my questions do not relate to exams.

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Slide Promotion Signup Today and Enjoy Over S$1000 Worth of Learning Materials & Advanced Features FortisLearn mini tuition is the Next-Gen tuition service that eliminates the common unspoken counteractive elements of the traditional offline/online tuition class, retains the effectiveness of tuition session by incorporate advanced learning technology, integrated with artificial intelligence. 3 2 1 THERE'S NO NEED TO STRUGGLE ANYMORE! Introducing
mini Tuition!



Signup Toady and Enjoy up to S$1,336 worth of learning materials and advanced learning features.

Students & Parents Reviews

FortisLearn has helped hundreds of students so far, let's hear what they have to say about FortisLearn mini tuition

I feel uncomfortable asking question in my previous tuition class as I do not know my tuition mates well. With FortisLearn mini tuition I feel comfortable asking questions at any time.
Lynn Teng
Secondary 3 Student
Never thought "tuition" can be done this way, I can see that a lot of efforts are putting in to create each mini tuition to help me to understand my questions, thank you FortisLearn, absolutely loving it!
Jarrad Tan
Secondary 4 Student
My kid used to have private tuitions for 3 subjects, but when I lost my job due to covid-19, the tuition fee became a huge burden to the family. After switching to FortisLearn, we are paying less than S$300 dollars for the same three subjects(Pure Chemistry, Pure Physics and Mathematics), it is really value for money.
Mr Wong Teck Chong
Parent of Secondary 4 Student

- FAQ #1 -

No, we do not sell pre-recorded video lessons. When our students initiate for a mini Tuition, a dedicated education manager will coordinate FortisLearn’s three departments (Creative Teaching department, Creative Design department, and our Creative Software Engineers) to work closely together to produce each mini Tuition. An average mini tuition takes about 2.5 man-hours to produce.

For Ace Pass students it will only take half a day to receive your mini Tuition session. Standard Pass students will receive their mini Tuition session in less than a day.

Absolutely! FortisLearn mini-Tuition will be a great supplement to your current offline/online tuition.
All you need is a mobile device and internet connection to experience the future of secondary school tuition.

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