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Battling The Forgetting Curve

Slide Research on the forgetting curve of students shows that within one hour, students will have forgotten an average of 50% of the information that has been taught. Within 24 hours, they have forgotten an average of 70% of the knowledge, and within a week, forgetting claims an average of 90% of it!
The Traditional Tuition Approach
On average, 76% of the time and effort for traditional Secondary School tuition centres or private Secondary School tuition classes are allocated to revise on the same knowledge over and over again in order to stay ahead of the forgetting curve.

Students have to spend more time and tuition fees to attend more Secondary School tuitions to re-learn the same things or commonly known as attending revision lessons.
The FortisLearn mini Tuition Approach Students also succumb to the forgetting curve after each FortisLearn mini tuition session. However, each mini tuition also consists of 3 memory booster sessions, and students have to complete each memory booster session at strategic timings to battle the forgetting curve.

Furthermore, all past mini tuitions are also stored in student's mini tuition dashboard so that students can revise all mini tuitions at any time from any digital devices, all at NO ADDITIONAL COSTS.
Exclusive Promotion Standard Monthly Pass only S$190/month S$159/month including:
• 10 mini Tuitions Per Month
ACE Monthly Pass only S$380/month S$288/month including:
• 20 mini Tuitions Per Month
Take-Action-Now Bundle • Enjoy $531 worth of learning materials and advanced features instantly, Start mini Tuition

Slide Save an average of S$292/month on Secondary School tuition fee per subject when you choose FortisLearn mini tuition. Traditional Private Tuition Cost The average monthly cost for Secondary School Private 1-to-1 tuition fees for 3 subjects is around SGD1200/month. FortisLearn mini Tuition Cost The monthly cost for Fortislearn mini tuition sessions for 3 subjects starts at only SGD288/month. (Enjoy exclusive bundle worth up to S$531! ) #2 Traditional
Tuitions Fees
mini Tuitions Fees
Reduce Monthly Tuition Fees
By Up To 73%

Each mini Tuition Consists:

• 1 mini Tuition Session
• 3 Memory Booster Sessions


Traditional Private Tuition

When students need assistance on academic questions or concepts, they can only ask them during the next tuition class which will normally be in a few days time. By then, the questions may have been forgotten.

FortisLearn mini Tuition

Students can raise a question or a doubt immediately at any time, and ar anywhere via their mini tuition mobile dashboard, there is absolutely no lag! And students will receive a dedicated mini tuition session with memory booster sessions designed to address those questions and doubts raised.

Boost Efficiency



Traditional Private Tuition

Truth be told, most kids do not enjoy having Secondary School tuitions as Secondary School tuition sessions usually dry and content focused. Most of the time students are going to tuitions are doing so out of the parental pressure or having the "everyone else is having tuition and I need one too" mentality.

FortisLearn mini Tuition

What if, there is a way that tuition can be delivered to your child just like the Tik-Tok videos they kept on talking about, or the instagram feed they check constantly. By removing the barrier of need to learn to wanting to learn, students will actually start to enjoy learning.

Finally, A Tuition To Enjoy!


Get Started

Traditional Tuition Classes

Peer pressure in class, embarrassment of asking "stupid questions", getting neglected and not able to catch up with the rest. These are just some of the common issues faced by students in traditional tuition classes.

FortisLearn mini Tuition

Student are able to raise their hands in a pressure free and discrimination-free environment. Furthermore, each mini tuition is individually designed to address the specific questions or concepts for the student who has the difficulties understanding them, the student will get 100% dedicated attention.

The Exlusive Learning


To Get Onboard


Lower Sec

Monthly Pass

Select Standard Pass or Exclusive Ace Pass

★ ACE ★

Lower Sec Standard Pass

S$190 S$ 159

1 Trial mini Tuition (Worth S$19)
10 Mini Tuitions Per Month (Worth S$190)
Promotion Bundle (Worth S$531)
- One mini Tuition Subject -
One Day Delivery

★ Promotion Bundle ★
Subject Pocket Assistants Worth S$531
Ends on 31/01/2021
  • Science Pocket Assistant (worth S$59)
  • English Pocket Assistant (worth S$59)
  • Mathematics Pocket Assistant (worth S$59)
  • Geography Pocket Assistant (worth S$59)
  • History Pocket Assistant (worth S$59)
  • Foice™ A.I. Audio Assistant (worth S$89)
  • Created for audio learners who prefer to learn by listening.

  • Dark Mode For Night Studies (worth S$69)
  • Protect learner's eyes by reducing the exposure to harmful blue light when studying in low light conditions or at night. 

  • Smart Notepad For Making Notes (worth S$49)
  • Make notes on-site, save them to study later or print them out.

  • Mugger's Group For Extra Practice (worth S$29)
Save 16%

Take Action Perk #1

Unlock All Smart Pocket Assistants with Standard or ACE Pass

Slide Science
Smart Pocket Assistant
S$59/year FREE with Standard or ACE Pass Terms & Conditions Apply
Slide Mathematics
Smart Pocket Assistant
S$59/year FREE with Standard or ACE Pass Terms & Conditions Apply
Slide History
Smart Pocket Assistant
S$59/year FREE with Standard or ACE Pass Terms & Conditions Apply
Slide Geography
Smart Pocket Assistant
S$59/year FREE with Standard or ACE Pass Terms & Conditions Apply
Slide English
Smart Pocket Assistant
S$59/year FREE with Standard or ACE Pass Terms & Conditions Apply

Definitely Smarter Than Books!

Students Review On Smart Pocket Assistants

Take Action Perk #2

Unlock Advanced Learning Features with Standard or ACE Pass

Slide Foice™
Fortis A.I Reader
For audio learners who prefer to learn by listening. S$89/year FREE with Standard or ACE Pass Terms & Conditions Apply
Slide Dark Mode
Protect your Eyes
Switch to dark mode when studying at night. S$69/year FREE with Standard or ACE Pass Terms & Conditions Apply
Slide Mugger's Groups
For the mugger life
Additional practice papers for those who seek for them. S$29/year FREE with Standard or ACE Pass Terms & Conditions Apply
Slide Smart Notepad
Make A Note instantly
See something important? Make a note and save it in dashboard. S$49/year FREE with Standard or ACE Pass Terms & Conditions Apply

Less Struggle, More Learning

Student & Parents Review On Advanced Learning Features

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