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Battling The Forgetting Curve

Each mini Tuition Consists:

• 1 mini Tuition Session
• 3 Memory Booster Sessions

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Lower Sec

Monthly Pass

Select Standard Pass or Exclusive Ace Pass

★ ACE ★

Lower Sec Standard Pass

S$190 S$ 159

1 Trial mini Tuition (Worth S$19)
10 Mini Tuitions Per Month (Worth S$190)
Promotion Bundle (Worth S$531)
- One mini Tuition Subject -
One Day Delivery

★ Promotion Bundle ★
Subject Pocket Assistants Worth S$531
Ends on 31/01/2021
  • Science Pocket Assistant (worth S$59)
  • English Pocket Assistant (worth S$59)
  • Mathematics Pocket Assistant (worth S$59)
  • Geography Pocket Assistant (worth S$59)
  • History Pocket Assistant (worth S$59)
  • Foice™ A.I. Audio Assistant (worth S$89)
  • Created for audio learners who prefer to learn by listening.

  • Dark Mode For Night Studies (worth S$69)
  • Protect learner's eyes by reducing the exposure to harmful blue light when studying in low light conditions or at night. 

  • Smart Notepad For Making Notes (worth S$49)
  • Make notes on-site, save them to study later or print them out.

  • Mugger's Group For Extra Practice (worth S$29)
Save 16%

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Unlock All Smart Pocket Assistants with Standard or ACE Pass

Definitely Smarter Than Books!

Students Review On Smart Pocket Assistants

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Unlock Advanced Learning Features with Standard or ACE Pass

Less Struggle, More Learning

Student & Parents Review On Advanced Learning Features

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